Panic Button Pictures

Quiet intensity here in the studio as Rocketmen animation moves forward.  The Soviets are in the can and carnivorous frosting is in the works – all will make much more sense when you see episodes two and three!  We’re working out a sneak peek for the spring so stay tuned!

Nancy Guppy’s Artzone featured a bio of me and the Rocketmen on a recent visit to my tiny studio – don’t believe her when she says we’ll be finished by spring!

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My short film Parasol keeps rearing back into view, this time at the headquarters of the Gates foundation as part of their public art programming.  Parasol will also be appearing this August at the Gigantic Bicycle Festival dates TBD.

Also, should you be in New York, Point Break Live in New York is selling out!  A mad re-mount of a show I worked on years ago when Jaime Keeling created it here in Seattle; the New York version brought me back for all new Animated carnage!